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    ChicagoTraveler.com - Chicago Concerts Schedule & Tickets

    Local Music Directory - The Local Music Directory is the Worldwide Guide to Local Music. Find Live Music, Bands, Singers, Composers, Music Resources and More! We are rebuilding the directory, you can find a link to the old directory above.

    Musicko.com - Music blog

    MusicOutfitters.com - Your Ely, MN online music store!

    SoundBiteRadio.com - Sound Bite plays the very best mix of Top 40 current music, dance and house music played in the clubs, hip hop old school and new, 70s and 80s pop and disco and special music requests and talk radio shows.

    RiffRandellRecords.com - The best up-and-coming Punk label in Chicago!

    Free Music Downloads - Beat Mode free music loops and music making software reviews.

    Alberts Music Gifts - Music gifts from Alberts Gifts offers music collectibles, gifts for music lovers and music themed gifts. Albert's gifts also has military gifts, stationery, jewelry, license plates, collectibles and more.

    Hear and Play Music - Learn to Play the Piano By Ear with over 60 Free Online Lessons, Courses, and more!

    Music Scales - Features a professional, well-designed, and downloadable piano music scale book of major, minor, blues scales and more.

    Thai Music - Information, history and pictures of the Thai Classical musical instruments.

    Fields Music - New York City music production studio and online music library - Original music production for custom commercial jingles, TV and film score and interactive media, created on demand or available online in any style or genre from the Fields Music library.

    Media Web Source - Band and Songwriter Resources, Band Press Kit and Demo Tips, How to Get Gigs, Music Articles, Music Jobs, Music Industry Books, Band Promotion, and Record Company Resources.

    Download Free Music Legally - Great resources to download MP3 music, Buy Concert Tickets, Music T-shirts, Music Posters. MusicHoncho.com for everything music.

    Stuff for Nerds - Nerdcure.com is a catch-all resource for everything your nerdy little heart desires... everything from nerdy music, programming, econ, stats, pop-culture, and Star Trek.