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    Bandhack.com is in no way affiliated with Facebook, its partners or subsidiaries.


    Upon band registration, bandhack.com does require extended permissions via Facebook in order to stream data directly from your Facebook band page(s) to our site. This is done for the sole purposes of promoting local music and presenting users with a consolidated method of finding local music and events.

    We do reserve the right to store and publish all information posted on your Facebook band pages: including but not limited to band info, events, photos, videos, and posts.

    Bandhack.com restricts publication to information contained within pages listed under the Musician/band category and will not publish or alter any information on your personal Facebook pages or pages listed within a different category. Additionally, Bandhack.com will not initiate any post on your personal page and will not initiate any post on your band pages without prior authorization. Upon connecting your band to Bandhack.com, you are authorizing Bandhack.com to make 1 initial wall post to your band page wall. This is done for the sole purpose of driving the traffic needed to help promote all of those bands that we support.

    All information public and otherwise either accessed or stored by bandhack.com WILL NOT be shared with third parties for the intention of advertising, spam, or other similar activities.

    By connecting your Facebook band pages to bandhack.com you are agreeing to the terms and conditions of our privacy policy as detailed above.

    All in all, you have no need to worry. Everything we do is intended to support local artists such as yourself!

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    Upon user connection, bandhack.com does request extended permissions via Facebook.com in order to learn more about bands that you like as well as make posts only when you authorize us to do so. We do not make any posts that are not user-initiated and do not publish or share any user information.

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